Presenting you with the right image.


I've always been creative.  When I was younger I loved creating new scenes from existing ones by cutting characters from comics and placing them in new locations in other books.  Since the dawn of technology and software I was able to create similar ideas digitally and then I discovered photography.  Now I can create any image my heart desires as the only limiter is my imagination and this lead to the start of my 'Mini Worlds' project. This project lead to my portfolio being noticed around the globe from  Australia to Dubai and I have since completed multiple comissions for individuals and corporates.  Clients include O2, Coca Cola, 3M, intel and Tayto amongst others.  I am available to create personal 'Mini World' projects for you and your beloved interests and hobbies, creating a one-off bespoke image tailored to you the client.  Please get in touch to find out how I can present YOU with the right image.

photographer's portfollio


Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.